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CLUBAPP partners with Liteclub NZ 

LiteClub is a programme for community sport, saving money on overhead costs for sports clubs by helping them become more efficient with electricity, water and waste. It’s an entirely free service thanks to some great funders supporting the programme throughout New Zealand. The objective is to transform community sport infrastructure - and the culture to match - so that this group becomes electricity independent, water neutral, and zero waste by 2025.

You can register your club at; today or visit to learn more.


Clubapp Partners, Hyundai Introduce the First Fuel Cell SUV into New Zealand

We love what Hyundai New Zealand are doing with their new range of Fuel Cell vehicles. This is a good move for our environment and we hope represents the future of motoring. 


The all-new Hyundai NEXO purifies the air as it drives creating a future where comfort, control, and convenience do not weigh heavy on drivers’ consciences. The NEXO delivers best-in-class performance while producing no tailpipe emissions, other than purified air and droplets of clean water. Check out the new Hyundai NEXO in the clip below. 

Fantastic news! Hyundai North Harbour will give every clubapp Club or Organisation $200 for every car members purchase. This deal only applies to Clubs and Organisations in the North Harbour area.